Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dark Dark Dark.
The show last night was at some alternative venue,
and started really late.
It was supposed to start late, and then started even later.

Meryl and I rode our bikes there,
so we had a very chilly nighttime (early morning?) ride home.
Shortly after 3am, I took this picture on the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge.
It's just for bikes/people to avoid crossing Hiawatha on the Midtown Greenway bike path.

I'm so glad it's not winter anymore, even if there are some low temperatures at night.
Getting back on my bike is such a good feeling.

Today it's raining, so the planned big pit-firing happenings have gotten postponed.
I guess it's for the best, since some of the antler pieces aren't fully dry.

So instead, after Seward Cafe this morning, I made a couple more birdhouses, and also deconstructed one.
When you're making a lot of something, the first ones that you thought were so awesome turn out to be kinda crappy.
And we can't have that.
I'm up to 8, now.

I have a busy rest of the weekend ahead of me,
but it's off to a great start.
Hope you all are doing well,
and not kissing any pigs.
Or birds.
Or going to Mexico.