Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more like WHINE-flu.

There's nothing I heart more than the bird flu.
Except MAYBE this whole avian/swine flu mix that's going around.
Pigs and birds, mutating influenza viruses?
Pig farmers crying about people eating less pigs, Minnesota being sold out of those paper masks, everyone blaming Mexico.
That's my flavor of absurdity.

I've done a bunch of drawings now in this theme,
and had a couple hanging up in my station.
This one got claimed last week, and today was my first availability.

Tomorrow I won't be at the shop, since I'll be getting tattooed by Tim Biedron all day long.
I won't tell you where, so you won't stop in and see the tears flowing.

It's also the last day I have to work on the final touches of the Art-a-Whirl stuff.
Lots of pictures of that coming tomorrow.