Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arrange whatever pieces come your way.

We finished (my wife) Meryl's chestpiece once we returned from our trip, and now it's all healed up.
"Some little language such as lovers use" is a line from Virginia Woolf's The Waves.
I think it took just under 6 hours total tattoo time.

Maybe someday literary tattoos will overtake band tattoos in popularity...?
Or maybe that's just a hopeful fantasy of mine,
and there will never be any end to bad cd cover art and logos being reproduced as tattoos.
Well, give me the dorky tattoos all day long.
Birds, books, and plant life,
creepy animals, lighthouses, and old things,
and I'm having a good time.


  1. Yeah to the literary tattoos! It looks so good all healed up.


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