Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alligoose (rhymes with Pamplemousse)

Here's the Alligoose all put back together by Ryan,
after he varnished the whole head/neck.
I think his plan is to take it off the driftwood,
and have it standing on an old tire, instead.
(there's something too beachhouse/housewifey about driftwood, you know?)

Here's the neck in progress,
while he was carving it out of spray foam.
Again, Ryan did everything on this project,
I just painted the neck and tongue.
I'm just excited about it,
because I know that it's just the start of many more.
If anyone has crappy taxidermy that they want to donate to the cause,
please let me know.
We'll give it a new life, for sure.


  1. I've been getting interested in rogue taxidermy lately, this is really cool. You should do a Jackalope!

  2. thanks man. if we come across a rabbit mount, we certainly will. i have a billion pairs of antlers....


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