Monday, March 14, 2011

Never Quiet, Never Soft

Damn, kids.
I'm one tired, happy little dude.
The show went so well.
Cause my peoples came out and brought the thunder.
Albie Rock and the Cucch flew in from New Hampshire,
Amy and Jaime came from Northampton, MA,
and there was introductions and high fives with my Minnesota folks.
Ryan, Rebecca, Casey, Adam, and Meryl showed up and got busy
with paint, cardboard, duct tape, and power tools.
A billion thanks to them,
without whom there would be no art show.
Especially Ryan.
No kidding.

Thanks to everyone who came to the two days of gallery hours,
and to Adam Hough for the photo taking the first night.
I also stole a photo or two from Molly's blog.

outside the gallery

amy and jaime in front of the nqns

the sexy intro/info table,
with so many good cookies made by amy.
(some of them were acorn shaped, of course)

the big book-shingled birdhouse downstairs

excuse, guys?
excuse me?
this is the Cucch.

this birdhouse-faced guy rocked the southeast corner pretty hard

dolls and birdhouses

dead bird oil paintings

to the right of the dead birds,
more dolls (89 displayed in total)
and the foresty corner

Rachel the harper.
so good

burnt up birdhouse
from the spat hot fire

trumpet-playing donkey

Friday night had an awesome turnout,
where as Saturday was slower, but still steady.
I am going to try and get all the best photos collected,
and I'll do up a little flickr page or something.
(i still haven't seen any photos from saturday)
I will also get real photos of the oil paintings I did.
There's two other animals playing instruments that I didn't get photos of
(not even funky-angled arty shots).
So much fun,
from the set up art-making
to the closing time vegan cheesecake eating.
I don't think I've ever laughed more in a week,
or cut so much cardboard.
Or stuffed my face so hard with food.
I'm not sure how it all really happened,
but it did.

It's all over, now.
The show is taken down,
spackled and painted over,
people are back to their respective time zones,
and it's back to work tomorrow.
Hope everyone had fun.
Stay loud and hard, folks.

never quiet, never soft


  1. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!!! Awesomeness Shawn and Albie! Is everything sold or can I buy some art?

  2. I have butterflies in my dining room!

    Congrats and thank you for making the evening something to talk about.

  3. thanks everyone.
    T- there's still plenty for sale.
    (did you see how much stuff we had? we filled two floors!)

  4. Done the poke to Mary Bowen - Lol


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