Friday, March 18, 2011

NQNS Show, Round II

Here's another upload of photos from the NQNS show.
I'v also collected some of the best ones on Meryl's Flickr page,
which you can see here.
There might be more coming soon,
since we haven't gotten Amy and Jaime's photos yet.

One of the big heads peeking out from the dark forest corner.

Playing with fire.

Jackie of Brute Heart, and Marshall of Dark Dark Dark,
playing Saturday the 12th.

Another big hed, this one in the staircase going downstairs.

Close up of the book-shingled roof of the big birdhouse.

And then,
the very next day,
it all went away.
Albie flew home to New Hampshire,
Amy and Jaime flew home to Massachusetts,
the Cucch flew to Canada,
and Rebecca, Adam, Ryan and I took down the whole show.
Here's Rebecca getting busy with a paint roller.


  1. i can't believe these pictures are from a week ago. i feel like i've been in canada half my life.

    nice painting skills, REBEXPERT!!!!!!

  2. still bummed i missed this; looked like a good time!

  3. paulie- no kidding. the real world isn't nearly as fun.

    dez e- we would have loved to have you come by, but only being open for 10 hours is pretty limiting!


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