Thursday, January 23, 2014

Portland, Oregon!

I love you, Portland. 
Especially you, Scapegoat Tattoo. 
I'll be there February 20th-25th. 
(but not the 21rst)
If you want to get tattooed while I'm there, 
email me at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Colorado Beginnings.

Are we at the end of blogging?
Instagram and snapchat and all of that has taken over, I guess.
Pictures instead of words.
But here I am, anyway,
if not a little less often.

Colorado is beautiful,
Tribal Rites is amazing,
and I've been fortunate to be busy with lots of appointments.
Not all of them are exactly my style,
(i've done a few "Pinteresting" tattoos)
but I've gotten lots of great consults for pieces I'll be starting soon,
and started a few large, nature-based projects already begun.
This half sleeve will get some color soon.

I've also been drawing tons, and even started a little baby painting or two.
This pig was for a Tattoo Fight Club contest with the theme "swine flu".
They have a huge Instagram account, and it's great to have something to draw for that isn't specifically going to be a tattoo.
(though, this one is about to become one).
It also scored me a rad little prize pack for being in the top three.

I won the previous one they did, which was themed "tiger style".
Since it was right before Christmas, 
I cheated and made it seasonally appropriate.

This rat wasn't for anything, 
but Curtis' apprentice Jack had his watercolor paints out, 
and I had a little bit of time. 

I update Instagram way more.
You can find me there @shawn_hebrank
but if you like reading a blog,
I'll post here enough so you know I'm still alive.
If you need more blogs in your life,
go read Albie's.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year.

Well, I'm here.
I live in Fort Collins, Colorado now.
It's a new place,
and a New Year.
This morning, Shamira (the dog) and I drove outside of town to Horsetooth Reservoir to celebrate the arrival of 2014.
I'm not in the same state, (or even time zone) as Meryl right now,
but we did our best to both be out and watching the sunrise together.
She had -6 degrees to deal with,
and there was a 45 minute difference in sunrise times,
and we both had cloudy weather,
but you do what you gotta do.

Goodbye Minnesota,
and goodbye, 2013.
I'll visit Minneapolis plenty, I'm sure,
but good riddance to last year.
Albie Rock already said it best,

"goodbye 2013.
nobody liked you,
and we won't miss you...."

But I'm super excited to be here, now,
and at a rad new shop, Tribal Rites.
Everyone that works there is incredible,
and I'm ready to get busy.
365 days to make count, 
and I hope you all have a fantastic year. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dead birds and Hippos.

Oh man, 
dust off the old blog, 
I'm back.
I don't know why I took the hiatus, 
(other than I've never, ever been busier in my entire life), 
but I am here, now, 
and staying for a while, too. 
(I post often on Instagram in case you want to stay fully updated)

Not that I needed to add any projects to the enormous pile of stuff to get done before I leave Minneapolis, 
but I squeezed in two last shirts (ever!) for Juniper.

First, a "goodbye to Minnesota" shirt:
A dead common loon (the state bird for all those non-MNers)
plus (to throw away any subtleties) the word "goodbye". 

But I also did a hippo shirt, 
and just because hippos are rad. 
I finally got my own sexy hippo tattoo from Albie Rock recently, 
but hopefully you have already seenit on his blog. 
Anyway, I wish I could limit the people buying the loon shirts to those in I'm leaving behind in MN, 
or the hippo shirt to only other vegetarian monsters like myself (and hippos, and Albie, etc), 
but the truth is,  
all you need to do is go here or here

Thanks tons to Grace,
who only thought she was coming to finish her thigh tattoo,
and got stuck modeling these two new shirts for me.
Thanks also to everyone who noticed (and said something)
about my neglected blog.
I appreciate the support, as always.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Somehow I made it past the customs/immigration of Canada,
and was able to work the Calgary Tattoo Convention last week. 
Thanks to Off the Map tattoo for inviting/having me, 
and for Maximilian Rothert and David Cordon for sharing the booth with me.
I got to do a couple of super fun tattoos, 
like this little bunny and radish on a forearm.

I also got to meet a pile of amazing Canadian tattooers.
Check these folks out:
James Tex
Steve Moore
Kaija Heitland
Ben Ackerman
Samantha Smith (scrapie)
Dan Fletcher

There was a ton more, of course, 
and I'm stoked I got to meet and hang out with so many of them.
I don't know why an international border makes such a difference, 
but Canadian tattooers don't have a weird ego barrier in front of them, 
and they are all super easy to chat with. 
Who knows when I'll make it back to Canada, 
but I'm glad this trip was so successful. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Goodbye, Minnesota.

I don't even know where to start.

After a million years in Minnesota,
(or at least what feels like my entire adult life)
Meryl and I have decided to leave.
I wish I could say I love this house too much,
or I'd miss the May Day Parade or Powderhorn Park more than I could stand,
but I guess the truth is I'm ready for a new adventure.
Well, I'm not sure I'm ready ready,
but we're going anyway.
And where to?
Not back to the east coast,
or even the west coast,
but somehow deeper into the unknown,
and we're trading lakes for mountains.
Some day, maybe, we'll get back to the ocean,
but for now, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tribal Rites Tattoo,
(home to super-inspiring tattooers
Curtis Burgess, Ben Merrell, and Erick Erickson)
was hiring.
I loved working at Tribal Rites during my guest spot in September.
They work so hard there,
and push themselves (as well as each other) to be better and better,
and I want to be a part of that.
I am grateful that they are hiring me,
and starting in the new year,
I'll be there full time.

So goodbye, Minnesota.
Not yet; and not forever, of course.
I don't leave till late December.
And I'll be back every so often to do guest spots.
A flight to Denver is quick and relatively cheap, too,
so you can visit whenever you want.

Thanks very much to Twilight Tattoo for having me the past year,
and Identity Tattoo for the 5 years previous.
Thanks to all my clients in Minnesota,
especially all of those who let me explore my style,
and get a little weird with some of my drawings.

I hope Colorado is ready for me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paradise Tattoo Gathering, III

I flew out to Colorado last week to work at Tribal Rites with Curtis Burgess and Ben Merrell in Fort Collins, 
and then we drove together up to Keystone, CO for the third Paradise Tattoo Gathering
(but only the second time it's been in Colorado).
I'm super jealous of the working relationship those two guys have, 
they really feed off of each other, 
and push each other further, 
while still keeping their unique style. 
I was really inspired being at that shop, 
and I got to do some fun tattoos, 
and also got a tattoo from Curtis as well. 
It's not done, yet, 
so it looks like I'll have to visit again soon. 

The convention was pretty great.
I was super busy and did 4 tattoos in the three days.
Here's two of them, 
I haven't even unpacked or found all the photos I took, 
but I am hoping there are more. 
Thanks to Tribal Rites for having me, 
for Curtis and Ben, and their families for hosting me, 
and to all the people who put on the Paradise show, 
I appreciate all your support tons and tons.