Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All summer long...

I'm back from Grants Pass,
and at Identity Tattoo this week.
(and next week, too!)
Pretty much there every week till late August.
If you're looking to get tattooed,
let me know.
Especially chest pieces, please.
I have some serious hankerings to work on some big ole chest pieces.

It officially became summer while I was gone,
and I came home to find some awesome little signs of it.
The mulberry tree is full of ripe berries,
the weeds are looking crazy,
and this guy and his friends are growing in my front yard:

Carl came in for a consult,
and he was nice enough to get his leg shaved and photographed.
Originally we just did the tree tattoo,
but then he came in to add everything else.
I have 5 different angles of the tattoo,
but the photoshopped combination photo i was making looked terrible,
so here's just two shots of it.
Click it for a bigger version.

And I did this tattoo yesterday,
just a fun little piece on Amanda.

Fourth of July weekend coming up,
and you know where the fireworks will be?
My front yard.
Powderhorn Park shoots them off from the lake,
so if you're around, let me know.
We'll be there.

Happy summer kids.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in Grants Pass

Mountains, kids.
Grants Pass has got them, in abundance.
Minnesota is so flat,
it's nice having a whole new kind of horizon for a week.

This trip so far has been awesome,
Jeff and his family are the nicest ever,
And Meryl was here for the first half of the guest spot.
We got to do a little exploring,
And I even started a new tattoo on her.

My old buddy Craig from Connecticut made a trip up to Grants Pass
(from San Diego!) to get some work done,
and we tattooed the heck out of his chest for over 6 hours.
He's super rad, and it was beyond flattering for him to take a plane and rent a car just to get a tattoo from me.
You can check him out here,
and beg him to send you some of his rad stickers he makes.

I'm here tonight and tomorrow night,
then driving back to Portland early Saturday morning.
The rental car company messed up,
so I'm driving a white Mustang this week.
I feel more than a little out of place rolling around town it in,
with the windows down and playing HoneyHoney.
(go get yourself their First Rodeo album)

Grants Pass isn't sure what to make of me.
I'm not sure what to make of me, even.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When this happens....

I love traveling,
but hate the packing/housecleaning that always goes with it.

I fly out to Portland tomorrow,
meet up with Meryl in the airport,
(she's flying in from Denver after a week in Boulder)
then get some hang out time with the west coast crew.
Then we rent a car and head to Grants Pass on Monday.
Both coasts in 30 days.
With a little bit of MPLS time in between,
just enough time to do some laundry and a few tattoos.
(big thanks to Handsome Adam for being a semi-permanent resident of Louderhorn Inn,
and taking such good care of Shamira)

But enough putting off the inevitable,
I have to go put some things in a suitcase.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three Footed.

If you have a foot fetish,
you missed out hard yesterday by not being at Identity Tattoo
I tattooed three feet,
and three feet only.

Ben got his tribute to pancake breakfast started,
and we outlined and shaded both feet.
I can't wait to give those some color in a few weeks.

Bex wanted a chubby little owl,
to go with the rest of the chubby animals she has.
Actually, some of them are just downright fat.
This was super fun to do,
even if tattooing a foot isn't the easiest body part to tattoo.
(or get tattooed)
But they both did well,
and I didn't get any kicks to the face.

Weekend time, now.
Less feet in my immediate future,
more catching up on stuff before I head out West again.
I'll be doing a guest spot at GogueArt June21rst-24th,
and I'll post about that more in a bit.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First weekend in June.

Oh man, there's been some serious neglect of this blog for a while.

This past weekend was pretty crazy,
Meryl and I participated in Northern Spark,
Minneapolis' first annual all night art festival.
Meryl was one of the printers working on a project called Call and Answer,
created by Amanda Lovelee.
Here's a photo she snapped of us around midnight,
before Meryl read at the peoptry reading that was also a part of it and started at 1am.
There was also square dancing and pie.
And all of that was just at MCBA.
There was stuff city-wide.
We hit up as much as possible before 4am,
and then went home exhausted.

Sunday was the Cucch's 31rst birthday,
and he came to MPLS to celebrate.
No kidding.
Between birthday brunches and vegan cupcakes
and multiple flat tire bike rides,
we were able to get a few more hours in on his goonies chestpiece.

I also got lasered this week.
I had a couple joke tattoos on my leg,
and then some a-hole in CT said he could do a cover up
but only ended up making it WAY worse.
"I gotch you"
oh, you got me all right.
Got me good.
So now I'm trying to lighten everything from the knee to ankle.
And you know what?
It hurts.
And it's all swollen.
Check this out:

But really, that doesn't look too bad, right?
How about this lovely view?
That's my f'n heal,
being swallowed by what can only be described as what should be my ankle.